SME Stars of Business Awards 2010, Health and Wellness Section

We are proud and very pleased to announce that in November 2010, Gulf Healthcare International won the SME Stars of Business Awards 2010, Health and Wellness Section. HR Manager attended the award ceremony to personally receive a wonderful cut glass trophy on behalf of Gulf Healthcare International, presented by ADCB, which we shall display with pride at the Arab Health Exhibition stand in January 2011 for all to see, highlighting another achievement. It is quite an achievement to have been a winner amongst 3,500 externally audited nominations and we are very proud of our recognised success. But most of all, it is testament to the dedication and skills of the workforce within the organisation that make us most proud.

Gulf Healthcare International opens the first MRI Facility in Kuwait

The (MRI) can be used for every part of the body including legs, arms, throat, face, chest, bone, nerves and tissues as the (MRI) can pin point the effect of disease in fine picture format. CEO of Gulf Healthcare International, spoke to the audience and outlined the company intentions to continue providing high quality service throughout laboratories and medical centres within the GCC region and in fact, were planning to expand into eventually acquiring hospitals. Medsol Diagnostics is the name of the laboratory division of Gulf Healthcare International and currently has 5 laboratories in the State of Kuwait e.g. Salmiya Medical Lab, British Medical Centre, Specialized Clinics Centre, Al Hamra Medical Lab and the German Medical Centre. He also said that the (MRI) has the Achieva System with pulsar HP+ gradient system which ensures that performance is achieved over the entire 53cm field view with an excellent linearity.

The Vice President for Kuwait Operations, expressed that after Gulf Healthcare International had installed the (MRI) at the Specialized Clinics Centre, Kuwait it was hoped that the same quality machine could be installed in other GHI owned clinics across the region.